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New Additions

A selection of optional branding pods including 86mm and 120mm Square and Rectangular are now available.

Plaza Single  Point Dispense Font

Introducing the new Plaza offering diverse opportunities for premier stand out of your Brands

  • Illuminated Badge Holders - Available pod options
  • Standard Illuminated Circular or New Downlighter options 
  • 82mm 
  • 110mm
  • Standard Illuminated Square 
  • 86mm
  • 120mm
  • Available in various finishes
  • Clamp on or Through Bar
  • Standard Height / S Type
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Ikon Font

Ikon showing rectangular and square pods. Square pods available in 2 sizes 86mm and 120mm.

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Chaplin Font

Chaplin with square pod at tap with rectangular pod fitted to column.
Square pods available in 2 sizes 86mm and 120mm.

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CrafTee Font

CraftTee 4 point showing optional extra copper HF and Elegance tap handles Available 2 height sizes - 4-6-8 dispense points.

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Special Finishes

Optional special finishes to selected fonts - subject to small minimum order quantities and quotation.
Both Cesium and Russet feature textured finish whilst Titanium is a smooth finish. 

Examples shown with optional HF tap handles

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London Fields

Sep 28, 2018

New branded fonts created for the London Fields Brewery

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