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Spinal Tap

A unique and practical modular font idea for introducing new brands or brand relaunch with changeover completed in minutes at no disruption to dispense.

The Spinal Tap comprises the 'insitu' Spine, complete with dispense tap and insulated recirc/product line to which can be fitted a choice of branded front sections.

  • Choice of three brand dedicated front section designs, Orion or Galaxy and Vega
  • Chilled-to-tap dispense
  • Condensation models available
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Lower capital expense than traditional integral fonts
  • Reduction in subsequent service costs
  • LED illuminated branding section
  • Accepts all industry standard dispense taps
  • Bespoke brand front sections available as option

London Fields

Sep 28, 2018

New branded fonts created for the London Fields Brewery

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